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DATE: July 5 - 9, 2021

ONLINE PLATFORM: https://www.iahr.org/en/lives/details?live_id=59


The training workshop will extend over five days and will including lectures and discussion. The lectures will address the following topics:

1.  Standard measurement and monitoring techniques used to collect data on water discharge and sediment loads for rivers and reservoirs;

2.  Recent advances in sediment transport measurement and monitoring: online monitoring of suspended sediment concentrations in rivers;

3.  Sediment measurement and monitoring methods for mountain streams;

4.  Measuring erosion and sediment yields on slopes and in small catchments for soil and water conservation; and

5.  Application of sediment data in controlling sediment-related ecological problems.

Two well-known experts in the field of erosion and sedimentation (Prof. Des. Walling and Prof. Manfred Spreafico) will serve as Chairpersons to chair the discussion sessions