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Lecture-1; Collecting sediment data for studying sediment-based ecological problems (Prof. Dr. Mengzhen XU)

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Lecture-2; Sediment Measurement for the Three Gorges Project (Prof. Dr. Guanglei DUAN)

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Lecture-3; Online monitoring of suspended sediment at the Zhicheng Gauging Station on the Yangtze River (Dr. Dibing XU)

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Lecture-4; Field survey and monitoring methods for river flow, sediment transport and river beds in mountain regions (Dr. Zhiwei LI)

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Lecture-5; Measuring erosion and sediment yields on slopes and in small catchments (Dr. Yaxian HU & Prof. Dr. Baoyuan LIU) 

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Perspective Lecture; Measurement and monitoring techniques concerning suspended load and bedload (Prof. Helmut Habersack)

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